Wholesale DVDs & Blu-ray

Bulk B2B Supplier of Movies


DVDs for Promotions

Use DVDs to create movie themes for corporate parties, promotions and events.

We specialize in wholesale B2B orders for marketing and advertising agencies, event planners, promotional product companies, public relations firms, gift basket designers and home theater engineers.

We stock many independent films as well major studio productions. We offer complete DVD order customization, excellent turnaround time, copy depth and discounts for large quantity orders.

To customize your DVD orders email: sales@jmdistribution.net.


DVD Bundles for Small Business

Small businesses, ecommerce websites, amazon and ebay stores, resellers and flea market vendors get DVDs at wholesale prices direct from JM.Distribution,Inc.

If you are interested in buying DVDs in bulk we recommend our DVD bundles they are pre-boxed already with a great selection of DVDs and will include up to 300 different titles.

These DVDs are great for resale, online auctions, swap-meets, tradeshows, conventions, sweepstakes, raffles, garage sales, libraries, school fundraisers and many more. We also offer fulfillment direct to your customers.

Buy wholesale DVD bundles online.


New Release DVDs Wholesale

Increase the inventory for your video store or use our wholesale DVD distribution experience to stock automated DVD rental machines, chain stores, vending machines, pawn shops, pharmacies, dollar stores, hotels, grocery stores and many more.

If your business is selling and renting DVDs we are sure we can help you.

We currently carry all new releases in DVD and Blu-ray format. We can also supply your company with access to over 60,000 catalog titles from studios such as: 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Lions Gate, MGM, New Line, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and many more.

To order new releases & pre-book DVDs email: sales@jmdistribution.net.


DVD Distribution

Coming soon filmmakers and content producers submit your films and DVDs for distribution. To sell overstock, closeout and excess DVD inventory email us.