Scene It ? Premier DVD Movie Trivia Game for your DVD player

Scene It DVD Movie Game

Scene It is all about movie magic. Unsurpassed stars. Unforgettable moments. Great lines and wonderful laughs. It's the only game that comes with real movie clips, on-screen challenges and popular movie trivia. Scenes from Hollywood's greatest movies draw everyone together around the TV for action-packed fun. Players advance around the Flextime board by outdoing friends and family in the uniquely fun activities that follow each clip. The game is jam-packed with hundreds of on-screen puzzlers in eleven unique categories, including Distorted Reality, Spellbinders, Invisibles, Rising Stars and Sound Clips. This innovative game combines ultra-popular DVD technology with board play to create the ideal party game for friends and family.

DVD Movie Trivia Game

Scene It DVD Movie Trivia Game

Discover a whole new level of fun with the game that's part board game, part DVD and entirely entertaining! First watch clips from some of Hollywood's classics, then prepare to answer on-screen questions. The first one to shout out each answer wins the point. Great fun for film fans and trivia buffs, this fast-paced game challenges you with memory and observation games, word play and Hollywood trivia. Plus, Songs & Slogans, Pop Culture and more! Requires a DVD player. For 2 to 4 players or teams.

Pop the disc into your DVD player, set up the board, and get ready for a totally new kind of movie magic with the Scene It? DVD Game. Scene It? highlights stars, great lines and amazing movie moments, and uses an interactive approach for players to really get in the game. Spotlighting more than 180 movie visuals, Scene It? quizzes 2 or more players aged 13 and up on movie trivia, film word play, problem solving and scene observation. To create a fresh, lively game almost every time, special technology randomizes movie clips for every round. Game includes 1 game DVD, 1 game board, 4 metal movers, 160 trivia cards, 30 buzz cards, 4 reference cards, one 6-sided die, one 8-sided die and 1 instruction sheet. Imported.

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  • Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition
  • Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe

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Scene It DVD Movie Trivia Game

Scene It? The DVD Game Sequel Pack

Scene It? Sequel Scene It? Sequel

Extend the fun of your Scene It? DVD game with more movies and stars! This Scene It? sequel pack is a movie editon pack that lets you get more out of your original game.

  • Includes a DVD with scenes and images from over 180 movies
  • 700-plus on-screen trivia challenges
  • 300 more trivia card questions
  • 250-plus stars

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Shout About Movies Disc 1, 2, 3 and 4

Can you name that movie? SHOUT it out!

All you need is a TV, a DVD Player, and your friends (from 4 to 40 or more)! Sit down and get comfortable. With a click of the remote control, you're ready to play! Your on-screen host will fill you in on everything you need to know. It's that simple!

Shout About MoviesSo divide into 2 teams and get set to SHOUT out your answer!

  • Film clips, movie stills and sound clips from classic movies to today's box office hits
  • 3 Games - each with 8 rounds
  • Each game lasts 45 minutes to an hour
  • Features Shout rounds, Whisper Rounds and a final Betting Round, all with on-screen scoring

Play them all with different clips & stills on each disc! Each disc sold separately.

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Trivia Pursuit DVD Pop Culture

For adults, Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture Edition is the newest form of the trivia game that will provide all Trivial Pursuit fans (new and old) with the most interactive experience of pop culture trivia. Player or team to collect all 6 pie wedges and answer the final question wins. This game is the first major game to fuse the intimacy of a boardgame with the spectacle of DVD technology. Players alternate between playing on the board and getting questions from the TV, creating the best of both worlds. Players answers questions on the cards like traditional Trivial Pursuit, but get audio-visual questions on the DVD when going for pie wedge. The new categories are Television, Movies, Music, Sports/Games, Fads and Buzz. For 2-4 players or teams.

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