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DVD Regions Explanation and Map

Region codes is a built-in feature of the DVD system designed to control where discs are viewed and distributed. All DVD hardware and software is coded using one of six numbers (DVDs Regions 0, 7 and 8 are special cases - see below). The U.S. and Canada use Region 1. Region 2 discs are used in the U.K., Europe and Japan. While Australia and the Caribbean use Region 4. These codes determine where the discs can be played.

We only sell Region 1 and Region 0 DVDs. Please ensure that you can play Region 1 or Region 0 DVDs before you buy.

You could use could our DVD Regions Map to determine your DVD's Region or browse a list of countries and Region codes.

DVD Regions Map

Region 0 DVD REGION 0

Region Free. Will play on any Region 0 DVD player, in all regions.

Region 1 DVD REGION 1

USA, US Territories and Canada.

Region 2 DVD REGION 2

UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East, Egypt, Greenland.

Region 3 DVD REGION 3

Southeast Asia, East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia

Region 4 DVD REGION 4

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, South America, Mexico, Caribbean. Buy Region 4 Australia DVDs

Region 5 DVD REGION 5

Former Soviet Union, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern Europe, Africa, North Korea, Mongolia

Region 6 DVD REGION 6


Region 7 and 8 DVD REGIONS 7 & 8

Special format reserved for international venues. (Airplanes, Cruise Ship, etc.)

Blu-ray DVD Region Coding

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There are 3 different Blu-ray Region codes:

  • Blu-ray Region A - North America, Central America, South America, Korea, Japan & South East Asia.
  • Blu-ray Region B - Europe, Australia, New Zealand, French territories, Middle East, Africa & Greenland.
  • Blu-ray Region C - China, Russia, India, Central & South Asia.

NOTE: Some Blu-ray DVDs have All Region or Multi-Region encoding.

RCE - Regional Coding Enhancement

Many studios have included an imbedded digital technology (RCE Regional Code Enhancement) to protect Region 1 DVDs from being played on Multi-Region DVD Players.

If you are located outside of the United Sates (R1), under normal circumstances, your DVD player will not play DVDs coded for Region 1. You will automatically receive the following (RCE) message:

“ This disc is intended for play on non-modified Region 1 players. There is nothing wrong with this Region 1 disc. To assure playback you should purchase or rent a disc designed for your region as set forth below. ”

RCE Message

For more on Regional Coding Enhancement or for a list of RCE DVDs: www.dvdtalk.com/rce.html

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