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4 Fantastic Opportunities

We show you four golden home business opportunities to make Big Money spare time or full time. We provide step-by-step instructions and assistance covering the whole field. Choose your method based on your personal preference.

Swap-meets & Flea markets

How would you like to have a weekend of fun, meet interesting people...and make money too? Swap Meet and Flea Market sales can offer you all this...and more! They're fun, profitable, and can be done successfully by devoting just a few hours a week!

Catalog Distribution

Can you think of an easier way to sell than showing a catalog to a friend and taking their order? Whether you distribute your catalogs to friends, businesses, or send them through the mail, you can turn them into selling machines which can reap you super profits.

Party Plan

Do you like to go to parties? Do you like to make profits? How about combining the two into a business? You can with the Open House Party Plan. Everything's included from catalogs, to planning guides, to invitations...Just waiting for you to line up the guests and sell!

Mail Order

Wouldn't you like to go to your mailbox and find money every day? Mail Order sales offers that kind of potential. Our program launches you into this exciting marketing arena with the help of a powerful mail order catalog and a step-by-step instructions.

wholesale catalogs

" What's in it for me ? "
  • "On most items, you can more than double your money in profits !"
  • "It only takes a few hours a week, or a month."
  • "You keep all your profits. We don't take a percentage of your sales."
  • "We'll help you every way we can, you're not alone out there."
  • "Theres' no quota, no pressure. Sell as much as you want when you want.
  • Tell us how much money you want to make and we'll help you get there."

You Buy Below Wholesale

Gift Merchandise and specialty items sell fast! We put you right into business making you a vital part of a multi-billion dollar industry. Sales of specialty products keep soaring every month.

Start in your spare time now, without overhead! Whether you have only a few spare hours a month, or you can devote FULLTIME efforts to your business, you can make fast, big profits. The demand is here NOW!

Ready to make money right from your own home? One big advantage of having your own business is the freedom to do as much or as little as you want. $100-$200 a month in spare-time profits, or a big business with employees- the choice is yours!

Everything You Need To Start Your Own Business

Giant Distributor Catalog

Your full-color catalog includes all the products you supply to your customers: Spun-glass, musical treasures, inspirational items, African-American figures, wooden birdhouses and garden decor, dolls, highly detailed wildlife figurines,tool sets, watches, auto accessories, collectible plates, burglar alarms, decorative patchwork accessories and animals ... over 4,000 items!

Below Wholesale Purchasing

The consumer pays retail,the merchant buys at wholesale, but YOU buy below wholesale! Your application allows you to purchase everything in this catalog at the lowest wholesale prices. Only authorized applicants can buy items at these low prices.

No Previous Experience Needed

Your instruction manuals give you the information you need to operate your business profitably. Operate from anywhere - big city or small town. By starting at home you minimize expense. The whole family can join in to multiply profits!

big 4 marketing manual

Here's What You Receive:

A complete, authoritative up-to-date "course" covering four, solid, money-making methods. Costly trial and error is virtually eliminated. The instruction manual has been prepared to guide you as safely and surely as if our staff were with you personally!

This comprehensive handbook covers everything you need to know to get started in four different marketing programs that really work ! From Swap Meets and Flea Markets to Catalog Distribution to the Party Plan to Mail Order, all the information, including a 30-day action plan for each program, will guide you step-by-step. In almost no time you can get your business going and growing!

PLUS! Your supply catalog PLUS! Your order blanks. PLUS! Your confidential price list:

The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Please rush my giant distributor catalog, "Big Four" manual and authorization to purchase everything in the catalog at the lowest wholesale prices.

Included is $25.00 to show my good faith in planning to start a wholesale business. My $25.00 will be refunded to me once I've ordered $250.00 in merchandise at below wholesale prices

Wholesaler Kit: $25.00 Deposit