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DVD Vending Machines & DVD ATM Rental Machines

DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. offers two different DVD Rental Kiosks. The DVDNow 250 Touch a self-service DVD, Video Game or Blu-Ray rental kiosk and the 110 Classic an entry level DVD or Video Game rental kiosk. DVDNow also offers a Kiosk Management Platform (Connections).

MovieMate is a leader in the automated vending and automated DVD rental industry. With a small footprint, MovieMate's Automatic DVD Rental Machines can be placed virtually anywhere. Use our DVD Kiosks to penetrate a geographically scattered DVD rental and DVD sell-through market. Our DVD Rental Kiosks have a unique glassfront, built in Digital Signage and flexible POS capabilities. This movie rental kiosk can be used for movie vending as well as game rentals.

Redbox B2B business opportunities. How to get a redbox. Redbox Automated DVD Rental a subsidiary of Coinstar, Inc., is one of the leading automated retail providers of new release DVD rentals in high traffic, convenient locations such as fast food restaurants and grocery stores.

DVDXpress The Leader in Automated DVD Rental. Host a DVD Rental Machine ...and start adding value to your business, customer base, and real estate today!

ELO Media is an owner and operator of automated DVD rental machines. ELO Media introduces the newest, most innovative way of generating revenue using the latest automated entertainment medium. We bring to you a fully automated self service video store to rent and purchase your favorite movies and video games. It is a fully automated DVD vending machine called DVmatic. DVmatic allows customers to browse through hundreds of movie titles and select a DVD for rental or purchase in under 60 seconds! ELO Media has deployed DVmatic machines in California, New York, Texas, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Las Vegas Nevada and Chicago Illinois. DVD Rental Machine

Videomatic Automatic Distributors of movies, games and online multimedia services.

DVD Station provides retailers with an innovative and turnkey solution for increasing revenues and customer satisfaction. The company's DVD ” rental solution ” offers a convenient alternative to the traditional video store and a welcome addition to mail-order DVD rental services. Using patent-pending touch screen displays, customers can browse thousands of films in different categories and then rent DVDs in less than 5 minutes for as little as $1 per day. Using VerioPac DVD Station can store up to 1,500 movies and games in a 3 x 4 x 2 1/2 ft. cabinet.

Technik Mfg., Inc., CD and DVD Dispensing Mechanism. The IM-CD1 CD or DVD dispenser is a single column dispenser for enveloped or jewel cased dispensing of full sized CD's and DVD's.

Video System Italia - located in Zanè (Vicenza), Italy has been manufacturing Automatic VHS and DVD Home Video Dispensers since 1991.

DVD Video Business Organizations & Publications

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) is an international not-for-profit home entertainment trade association. EMA represents approximately 600 companies such as single-store operators and large chains stores, video retailers, video distributors, the home video divisions of major motion picture studios and independent studios. EMA members operate more than 20,000 retail outlets in the U.S. that sell and or rent DVDs, VHS cassettes, computer and console video games.

Independent Dealers of Entertainment Association (iDEA) is a division of EMA. iDEA benefits range from Business & Health Insurance, Secret Mystery Shopper Programs, Credit & Gift Card Processing, Shipping Discounts and many more member benefits.

The Digital Entertainment Group DEG: - a nonprofit trade consortium dedicated to promoting DVD-Video. DEG serves to advocate and promote the many benefits associated with DVD while providing updated information regarding the format to both the media and the retail trade.

Consumer Electronics Association: (CEA) Video Division CEA's Video Division takes the lead in public policy concerns, offering up-to-date consumer and retail education. - Hive4media the first and only online full-service business exchange for the entertainment retailer. Video buying, DVD buying, VHS buying is easier using online National Buying Guide: pre-booking, streeting titles, box art, DVD/VHS details and online ordering. Info on video suppliers, video buying, copy depth programs, latest breaking video industry news at

DVD Video Rental Store Resources

DVD Spinner

2WayDVD - Custom and genric 2-Way USPS First Class Mail DVD mailers for online DVD rental companies.

Video Store Business Plan - How to open a Video Store. This is an actual business plan and covers all the areas normally requested by a financial lending institution. As well as providing the software to manage the operation of a Video Rental Store. $300.00 - No hidden fees!

Download Start Your Own Video Rental Store! book by Publishing. Available also in hardcover book (108 pages, fully illustrated!) and CD-ROM. how to start up a video store business

The Business Opportunities Weblog: comments on Starting A Video Rental Business

Specialty Store Services - Video Store Fixtures, Video Supplies, DVD Cases, CD Repair Machines, Etc.

Video Store Shopper located in Simi Valley, California has been serving the world's Video Stores, Music Stores, Bookstores, Convenience Stores, Duplicators, Replicators, Libraries and Schools since 1983. Offers more than a dozen different product lines containing over 3,000 items such as VHS cases, Open/Close Signs, Banners, Labels, Spinning Displays and Candy Vending Machines. The Video Store Shopper manufactures and stocks a vast line of Wire and Wood Store Fixtures, DVD Displays, spine labels, Plastic Shopping Bags and Unique Accessories.

Checkpoint Systems, Inc., - DiscMate™ Solutions for CDs & DVDs. The DiscMate system includes one-piece cases, a Standard Unlocking Unit for use at library circulation desks and an Intelligent Unlocking Unit that can be used with the Intelligent Library System to allow secure self-checkout of CDs and DVDs. Entertainment Media SAFERs protects CDs, double CDs, digital video discs (DVDs), audio cassettes, video cassettes, video game cartridges and CD-ROM

DVD Video Rental Store POS Systems & Software

Rapid Rental is a tested and proven Video Store and DVD Rental System designed to manage all aspects of rentals, sales, customers and inventory.

C.S.S. (Complete Software Solutions) is the leading supplier of video store software, point of sale systems, rental systems, business management applications, and other related products, to small and corporate sized businesses.

Phoenix Information Systems, LLC - Phoenix for Windows is World-Class point-of-sale video store software for the video industry. Use Phoenix for Windows to manage and sell inventory. Features include: fingerprint ID system, Internet title lookups, subscription plans, signature capture, credit card verification, picture ID's, customer targeting, customer drop off reporting, and more.

Vision Forecasting - Use Video Vision to manage and promote your movie or video game rental business. Video Vision's suite of programs provides a complete POS (point-of-sale) solution and also features a range of add-on modules. Inc. Bogart video store software for the video rental & DVD stores. Total video store management solution for the changing needs of the video rental industry.

Selbysoft's Take-1 Video Store Management Software Retail, Rental and trading POS system for Video and Game stores.

UltraVideo Software Inc. is a computer software company that specializes in Point Of Sale programs for retail video rental stores.

Video Rental Plus is a video store software for video rental & DVD stores.

Dassnagar is an India based RFID solution provider with end to end solutions for library management, DVD Rental RFID tracking of rental assets, supply chain management and much more. DVD rental applications include both traditional storefront video rental as well as newly developed DVD vending machine rentals.

VideoMate Video Rental Software by GrenSoft VideoMate is an inexpensive software package for video rental stores. (Visual C++)

Bibase Winrental DVD rental software for video rental stores.

VMT Software Video Rental Software Video Shoppe and Video Shoppe Deluxe

IDE Group Rental Software Package. DVD, CD, Games Online Rental Turnkey Solution Software & Warehouse Logistic system.

Video Entertainment Data & DVD Statistics

Nielsen is global leader in measurement, information and research solutions for the motion picture industry. Our tools provide up-to-the minute box office information around the globe, in real time, on an hourly basis. Nielsen has served the motion picture community for over 25 years

Instat - is the leading provider of actionable research, assessments and market forecasts of semiconductors and advanced communications equipment and services. Our market research products combine unique technical expertise with fundamentl market realities based on industry analysis, end-user demand and primary research surveys.

A Unit of Reed Business Information, A Division of Reed Elsevier

Plunkett Research, Ltd. is the leading provider of industry sector analysis and research, industry trends and industry statistics. For Entertainment, Media, Publishing & Broadcasting Industry Market Research

Rentrak pioneered revenue-sharing for home video rentals in 1988 with the development and introduction of its Pay-Per-Transaction (PPT®) System. Today we collect, process and audit over 1 billion transactions each year as the world's largest processor of rental and sales data for videocassettes and DVDs acquired on a revenue-sharing basis.

Internet Movie Database IMDB Video Rentals Archive

Screen Digest is the pre-eminent source of business intelligence, research, and analysis on global audiovisual media. Screen Digest is a research company and publishes a rapidly growing number of major business Reports on media markets. Video and DVD Research for Blu-ray, DVD, HD DVD, Hi-def, VCD and VHS.

Entertainment AIDS Alliance (EAA) is a volunteer group of video industry professionals which was formed in 1989 to respond to the urgent need for funding of AIDS service organizations. Ninety percent of funds raised are distributed to qualifying AIDS health care organizations and facilities nationwide.

Technicolor is now the world's number one processor and distributor of motion picture film and the leading global manufacturer of videocassettes, CDs and DVDs. The company is also a leading provider of post production, cinema distribution and digital cinema services.